Jester to Her Majesty The People

by Holy People

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I feel the fire falling back to us coming forward from the lush flowering field of our desire forget me not you are admired I love you flowing into me bending backwards into the sea like lovely ladies onto the stone forget me not I am my own Falling forward into mine, I feast my eye
My Own Hole 02:36
I sit alone with my broken bones and I sit and I know it's old but I didn't know I could mend my own bones and I bring them all home and I dig them a hole And I see it's my own home and I see it's my own hole And I sobbed and I sewed and I hemmed and I hold that I trust what I know that my bones will regrow And I heal on my own and I feel all my own And I cried and I crowed for someone to come home but I know what I know that my bones will regrow And I feel all my own and I hear my old soul And I didn't know I could trust my old bones and I didn't know I could love my own home
Silence 02:02
I cannot stand the silence I cannot stand in silence
I believe under the earth of the ash I understand your dilemma I know it's not easy to be so far away from here but have no dismay, discern whatever you say we'll be alright you will be safe with me, my friend my trustful daughter I love you till the end of the light you know you can come back to me anytime, if you'd like to while I’m here, my arms are open and willing to forgive you We will never fall out of love this is just the destiny of our cycle, inter-lacing under my own bitter chasing it's like Growing up a dog under this earth it’s not so far away from what is, I got it, around it I am mine! Well that’s easy for you to say if you’ve never held the pain of a loved one going away forever leaving all behind (but I don’t mind) I know how you like to boss us people around and around I told you I love you and I'm here for you in my heart (sadness, kindness, removal)
Rekka Hi 00:45
I wanna sit upright as you bend over kiss yourself goodbye, you ponder we're all sick of one another I can't even do no thunder Get up, and die all to rekker rekker high, I rekka hi! Why so introvert? simple may I act, Doctor "Mister-Directionless" you're 'bout to break the record and I don't wanna get up and die all the way to record high I rekka hi, rekka hi!
Entering the sky I see you around went to that place where we'd turn upside-down I never wondered when you'd disappear for good I'd said, I need you around forever but was hoping it be far from the Spring before it was over before it was all over The last glimmer of a moment stood out and held my hands and it told me, let it be over let it be all over just bring your forgotten thoughts I understand
Araña 01:36
Well, I don't even know I suck a lot like an araña superabundancia de la sangre por ella no se necesitas una pieza de la ñaña pero puedes ven aqui por la vida de la aisla Trabajando en la vida no puedes ser algo porque hoy día la libertad es un milagro pero si quieres aliviar la pena de su cargo tenemos drogas y líquidos de los santos We combat the crime, we serve the time in any instance city-wide, we never make it out alive we never make it out to cry Someone always says, "It isn't me, it isn't we it's you, you see -- we just can't be covered in everyone's misery!
I can feel the whimper of your heartbeat the blood flowing through your veins the fire in your belly your body twisting up in pain I can feel the needles in your fingers the wounds underneath your skin the longest lock of grey hair the sadness holding back your sin I fall from grace I fall from holy place I can feel the shadow in your foot steps the liar in your loving soul the pressure in your tight hips your breath becoming icy cold I can feel the whisper in your anger the fear behind your hardened gaze the rush of your arousal the sweat dripping down your face I fall from grace I fall from solemn space
Runaway Man 02:48
Ayy itsy itsy aye Itsy itsy ey Who's to be in charge? I can't say! Itsy itsy aye Itsy itsy ey Who's to be afraid Who's to run away?
Sticky Angel 03:25
Entering into my mind shadowing onto my side hammering into my spine in a sense, wandering on my dime I don't wanna stick around here see ya later come off in the clear Got a neighbor doing alright Sticky Angel wandering on the light You don't know her rocking around she ain't gotta let you on in my cloud I don't wanna stick around here not my problem try and get me near I ain't gotta do you all right see ya later wandering on the night (I don't want to be her) Exiting out of my mind interesting feeling your sorry eyes Hello neighbor, looking so pleased come on near me you'll be on your knees!


All songs written, recorded & performed by Holy People, 2013-2019


released January 25, 2019

Cover photo by Krysta Brayer
Tape layout design & interior artwork by Leah V. W-P
Mastered by Leah V. W-P & Paco Cathcart


all rights reserved



Holy People New York, New York

Holy People is Leah V.W.-P from Azuay & NYC

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